Monday, 21 July 2014

Some doodles from different times

These are from my travel sketchbooks, I always have some form of sketchbook... Even at formal occasions! Always something to draw!
Allow me to guide you through the different sketches and when I drew them:

Tokyo - Feb 2014

Still need to write up the Tokyo trip. However here are some sketches I made during a museum visit, all these were of statues of various sizes.

Aardman June 2014-

Another write up I have to do for you all, but recently I spent two weeks work experience at Aardman!! I was in the cg department, it was crazy fun. More details on that soon, but in the mean time...
On my lunch breaks I went out and sketched, either people or environments, was really fun!

This is from Florida Apr 2013 -

I was very fortunate last year to visit Orlando, Florida, and stay at orange lake. Here is a sketch of their main water attraction - river island.

Broad Haven July 2013 -

A lush summer in west wales, really sunny and warm and... Lots of locations to draw! Haha! These were some of the better sketches, minimal detail so I cannot think I stayed that long!

Well that's all for now, see you later,